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Nathalie C Lilavois


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I am an independent educational consultant that can help you with all aspects of your child's education.

Navigating the many aspects of a school system can be a challenging task for even the most saavy parent. The educational system is everchanging and keeping up can be exhausting and frustrasting for busy families.


As an educational consultant, I can assess and evaluate the emotional, behavioral and academic aspects of your child's learning and design an appropriate educational plan tailored to his/her specific needs and abilities. This includes practical recommendations to assist your child in strenghtening their skills in a positive manner that takes into account their self esteem and emotional well being.


Together, we will develop a supportive, nurturing learning environment that leads to a successful school experience and a positive self image of themselves as learners.  Meaningful and consistent home support is an important piece to your child's success. I will provide resources, guidance, and suggestions for busy parents and tutors to help build students' skills. These changes can have a lasting effect on your child's educational career. Let's make it a positive one!




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" Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it! I cannot tell you how much pride and how comforting it is for my  daughter knowing you are in her corner and supporting her 100%. So in addition to the students' lives that you've touched over the years, please know that there is a little girl here in Brooklyn who cherishes you every moment of the day!"                                                                                                     Kathleen D. Taylor

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