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  • Doctor of Education, Literacy Studies, 5/13 Hofstra University

  • Specialist Diploma, Supervision & Administration, 5/98, Queens College

  • Certificate of Advanced Study, Teaching of Writing, 5/92, Hofstra University

  • Master of Arts, Developmental Psychology, 5/89, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

  • Bachelor of Science, Liberal Arts, 1/88, University of the State of New York

  • Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education/Psychology, 5/86, Hofstra University

Dissertation: A Literacy Portrait of One School   


What do our literacy displays convey about prevailing literacy practices and events that teachers and students engage in as part of their daily routine? 


This primary question served as the focus for this longitudinal ethnography. Conducted over a 6 year period, it presents the literacy story of one school through the displays of student work throughout the school year.  A collection of 753 photographs of displays was analyzed for evidence of the literacy events and practices that characterized the school. At a time where regulations have dominated school endeavors, students took their rightful place at the center of the educational process. Through the work and words of students and their teachers, a story emerged of a school that was able to maintain its focus on children as its primary interest.

UMI 3559580

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